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Out-Onioning The Onion

From the Are You Shitting Me Department:

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman urged bipartisan action from the next administration and Congress to address the global war on terror, health care, energy independence and climate change during his lecture Wednesday night at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Union Theater.

He said these issues are vital to the welfare of the country and must be resolved without adherence to political alliances. He decried the last generation of politics as “hyper-partisan,” suggesting that most people decided ideological positions based on their party affiliation rather than on the issues themselves.

However, with the need to address these universal and fundamental problems facing the country, he expects a shift away from partisanship in politics.

“On all of these issues instead of seeing red versus blue, which we have seen the past couple of years and two presidencies, you are going to see much more of what I call ‘free agent politics,'” Mehlman said.

Mehlman, who was the campaign manager for the Bush-Cheney 2004 bid, praised the entire field of presidential candidates from both parties, describing this as a unique election in the country’s history. He predicted the balance between the public’s apparent desire for change and the concern of being in a prolonged war will significantly impact the election.

I thought it must be a joke, but it is reported seriously by WisPolitics, a usually reliable political site.

I’m too stunned to comment, although you are welcome to do so.