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On Jan 1, 2011, Let’s Water-Balloon Obama in Effigy, Nation-wide!

People need to get busy organizing productively for their future, but quite frankly, a lot of us need to have a good laugh, maybe moreso. So, why not attempt to

1) provide that laugh

2) put Primary Obama / Dump Obama on the national radar

3) start the evangelizing process for Primary Obama / Dump Obama

4) provide networking opportunities

5) let people work out some of their frustrations, at least temporarily

My plan is simple – Water Balloon Obama in Effigy! Nation-wide!

Open Question: What Points should a DUMP OBAMA Manifesto make? Me: CALL FOR LEADERS WITH BACKBONE

The fertile mind of Jeff Roby has lately come to openly ruminate about a DUMP OBAMA movement. This diary poses the open question as to what main points a DUMP OBAMA manifesto should make. What should a 5 minute elevator speech sound like? If you casually mentioned to a co-worker that you joined a DUMP OBAMA movement, and they asked you “Why?” or “What’s that about?”, what would you want to say?

One suggestion by yours truly below the flip.