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Original v. Cover — #41 in a Series

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This week’s featured selection was written by a pioneering rock ‘n roll icon, and released in June, 1955 as the B-side of the songwriter/performer’s hit single, the title of which was identical to his name. Both songs, even if you don’t immediately connect the title and the music, are likely to sound familiar. The writing credit was listed under his real name at the time, Ellas McDaniel, and was based at least in part on Muddy Water’s 1954 song, “Hoochie Coochie Man”, which had been written by Willie Dixon. The B-side is ranked #369 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.  Although neither side advanced to the Billboard Hot 100 charts, both achieved a #1 ranking on the Billboard R&B Singles charts.

Original v. Cover — #40 in a Series

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Ever encountered someone who almost perfectly embodied androgyny in appearance, mannerisms and demeanor? What has been your reaction if someone matching such a description enters the men’s or women’s restroom, and you are also present? Depending upon your sensibilities, you may feel compelled to immediately confirm their gender (unless you belong to the cast from “Ally McBeal”).  

You may be one of those who merely asks the question up front or preferring a more subtle approach, attempt to discern if the stature, body build, five o’clock shadow, broad shoulders, or other disgtinguishing features might provide a clue, at the same time taking care to not appear too obvious.