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The Hippie Who Brought His Guitar to the Meeting

A Louisiana crawfisherman, out of work since the spill, attends the Presidential commission hearings regarding the situation in the Gulf.  Drew Landry expresses the problems quite well, points to a fisherwoman behind him saying that this has turned her into a communist, and whips out his guitar to sing his  ballad about the disaster.

Please note the expressions on the commissioners faces as he sings:

Drew Landry says:

Mr. Bob, we’re not ready for hurricane season.  We’ve got a gulf full of oil.  And we’re sitting here worrying about this right now when we need to be giving people hazmat training so they can defend their homelands…

And so it happens, again and again.

Five years ago NOLA-KATRINA was criminally negligent homicide.  Back then, I shocked several people as I would excuse myself shortly before the time of network news by saying, “I’ve got to go home now to watch television, to watch my government killing black folks.”

More below the plunge…

And so it happens again and again.

There are three hurricanes/tropical depressions lined up in the Atlantic Basin right now.  I have had a nagging feeling that the delay in completing the final “KILL” of DWH has something to do with waiting so blame can be put on — not BP — but a natural event.  Stall until we can blame something else.  This whole disaster has been one disaster on top of another disaster.