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Gibbs the Mugger

So who is this Robert Gibbs, this Obama appointee who hates progressives (many to choose from there I know), this hippie puncher who is incensed that We The People would, you know, complain about being sold out on every serious progressive promise made by Obama during his 2008 snow-job of an election campaign?

I spent the first month after the 2008 election in shock over Rham-the-Blue-Shit, Geithner-the-bankster, and Summers-the-misogynistic-apologist-for-corporate-criminals.  Robert Gibbs wasn’t particularly noticed; I just assumed Obama would appoint, for his spokesperson at least, someone who would at least have some sympathy for the people (like me) who maxed out campaign donations, worked for his election, and celebrated long into the night when “we” succeeded.  

I never dreamed that he’d made as the voice of his “progressive” Administration one of the sorriest of the Clintonian Blue Shits, a progress hater who’d turn the nation over to the criminal banksters and thieving Cayman-Island-sheltered corporatists–and one who was instrumental in the elimination of the 2004 Presidential candidacy of Howard Dean.