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Olbermann’s call to Action: a Photo Essay

Hopefully you saw Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment on the sorry state of the Health Insurance System in American.  And hopefully, you were moved to action, like I was.  There’s still time to pony up, if it slipped your mind.  Let’s give Keith some ammo when he resumes the fight next week.

DONATE HERE: National Association of Free Clinics

as linked on Countdown’s home page

Time is a task-master, that waits for no one,

We can only heed its call, as it marches, inexorably forward …

Hopefully we will find compassion, as we turn its pages.

If you missed the Special Comment, read on for some of the highlights …

The Battle For America, Full Throttle Edition

The citizens of this nation need a good talking-to, not a talking point. It’s time for the citizens to stand up and insist that their elected officials perform their duties as public servants and defendants of the Constitution instead of as tin-plated demigods of political voodoo and power-plays.

Earlier tonight, in light of my posting of a video from 2004, I was encouraged to post some additional information about the video, the artist — anything, actually — just to get the video out in front of people. Here is that post.

IF you believe this is important and that no time should be wasted, then the first person to volunteer below to post it on DailyKos is welcomed to do so. I have used my Daily Diary there already.

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Thank you.