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GULF Coast, A dedication

   I`m back with more underwater images in support of the gulf  coast, it`s inhabitants above & below the surface, & to all who`ve worked so hard to keep the daily developments on the front pages.

   I would like to also mention a big “Thank You” to all the workers out on all the skimming boats, the oil retrieval crews on the beaches,  &  the crews out working on the rigs, tankers & the ROV operators who have worked nonstop to end this gusher.

I cannot blame them for the bad decisions of their managers.

  Now that the gusher is stopped albeit temporarily, I think we can have a little breather.

Then we`ll have to get back to keeping this catastrophe  at the top of the news, since we all know how the style of news cycles here can rapidly shift away the  important issues to  iPhones & Lohans.


(An Anemone)