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Not Popular Culture 20111202: 90th

Normally on Friday evenings I write about popular culture, but no tonight.  I am very wistful for several reasons, on of which is that if she had lived, my mum would have turned 90 years old today.

Born to a dirt poor couple when her mum was only 18 years old (my grandmum and granddad married when my grandmum was only 16 years old), Geraldine Sandlin entered this vale of tears on 19211202.  It was cold, and in accordance with the custom of the time, she was born at home with relatives taking the place of physicians.

RIP, Ridley, 20100702

No one here knows who Ridley was, and actually, his name was not Ridley.  His name was Leslie Hill Johnson,and I have full permission of the family to write about him here.  I shall blockquote the funeral announcement in the text.

The name Ridley came about from him, his son, and all of us reading Kipling whilst drinking coffee when his son and I were around 12 years old.  He was a WWII and Korean War veteran, and he had tales to tell!  Some were better than others.  Ridley just came as a joke.