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OMFG-WTHWTT ?! “Anthrax” Flushed Down DC Toilet by Visitor Center Supe!

And away go troubles, down the drain !

Taking Crisis Management to a new level of Blasé Faire, the Supervisor at the Washington, DC Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) finds a mysterious baggie of white powder labeled “Anthrax”  in the Exhibition Hall this past weekend.

What does he do with it ?    He flushes it down the restroom toilet !!!


About an hour later, Capitol Police were notified. The hazardous devices unit found no traces of harmful biological components, such as anthrax spores, during an inspection Saturday that covered the restroom, the route the supervisor allegedly took there and the area where the bag was found.

Capitol Police are investigating Saturday’s incident by reviewing video footage and interviewing employees involved in the incident to try and discover who might have left the bag with the white powder, the officer said.

It remained unclear why the operational supervisor allegedly decided to flush the bag’s contents down the toilet. But visitor assistants with the CVC said there is pressure to keep tours going at all times and that by notifying Capitol Police, it would interrupt the day’s traffic flow.

An hour later ?