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Obama’s theater of impotent rage

Obama’s coaches seem to think that they are directing a stage performance in a WWF wrestling bout. Their worry is that their man is not cursing and grimacing sufficiently to entertain the mob. How things have changed from the time when chief executive meant a person who executes critical decisions.

Supposedly, Obama is asking the government’s experts to tell him where to apply his vast political power to remedy the oil spill crisis. Somehow, this diligent quest for actionable information has missed the critical issue of estimating the oil flow. According to the front page of today’s New York Times, the government’s flow estimating team has been denied data and technical assistance from BP. Perhaps our cursing, glowering, and ass-kicking President could halt his theatrics long enough to command BP to produce the requested data and measurement facilities.

But why turn to reason when the mob demands emotion? Obama’s handlers believe that even the complete destruction of the Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystem can be managed, politically, as long as our brilliant and talented President can deliver a proper display of emotion.