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Two for Tuesday.

Because I have nostalgia issues, in other words I think time sucks, I started a series over at firefly dreaming. It is mostly a series that I want to be about the glory days of progressive rock radio. I posted the second one here that was about the morning dee jay at WNEW-FM and was planning to post the May 4th Two for Tuesday but jimstaro had that topic well covered that day.

In the the one I did post, there was an intro;

For most of my life Tuesdays were made more interesting by a tradition at what was once a great radio station, WNEW-FM. A station that introduced progressive rock to New York City, changed a generation from pop singles to album oriented and in maturity deserved the slogan “Where Rock Lives.” The tradition that people from other cities probably remember from other stations was called “Two for Tuesday.”I was wondering if anyone would be interested in participating here.

I really enjoy writing it and and want to make this a cross-posted regular series here. I hope you will enjoy it too. Some Tuesdays will be a bunch of fluff and sometimes I might have a little substance to offer. Today’s was a bunch of fluff but also a thank you note. Any ties to Rachel Corrie, a name that probably should be remembered today, are coincidental.

So I offer a couple of tunes for today as I listen to the New York radio station that took over “Two for Tuesday” from WNEW-FM. Q104.3 carries the tradition but it will never bee the same.