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Morning Migraine: The 20% Solution

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White House energy czar Carol Browner said in a news release Sunday that government scientists believe the oil gusher would increase as much as 20 percent from the time the pipe is cut to when a containment valve is in place.

Browner says the Gulf oil spill is probably the biggest environmental disaster the U.S. has ever faced.

HuffPo commenter:

According to wikipedia, Browner earned more than one million dollars as a lobbyist in 2008.


Browner is now married to former Congressman Thomas Downey. The marriage, his second, her third,31][32] took place on June 21, 2007 in Riverhead, New York.[29]Downey heads a lobbying firm that includes clients involved in energy policy.[4 In 2006 she and Downey collaborated on behalf of Dubai Ports World, but were unable to convince Senator Charles Schumer to their view during the Dubai Ports World controversy.[33]

Her 2008 income was between $1 million and $5 million from lobbying firm Downey McGrath Group, where her husband is a principal.[42] She also reported $450,000 in “member distribution” income, plus retirement and other benefits from The Albright Group.[42]


The husband of Carol Browner, President-elect Barack Obama’s presumed pick for a new White House energy adviser post, has lobbied on energy and environmental issues, with clients including Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corp. and Keyspan Energy.

In 2006, Ms. Browner and Mr. Downey collaborated on behalf of Dubai Ports World, which had arranged to buy a company that operated six major U.S. ports, including ports in New York and New Jersey. The company, owned by the United Arab Emirate of Dubai, drew congressional furor. In February of that year, the two paid a visit to New York Sen. Charles Schumer to discuss the issue; Mr. Schumer played a central role in killing the ports deal.

Thanks to the finest minds in the world, nearly 6 weeks in, we know exactly what they’re dealing with:


BP spokesman John Curry says the company does not know how much oil is contained the vast reservoir nearly three miles beneath the seafloor.

Curry said Sunday that the company didn’t have time to properly analyze how much was in the discovery well. He says if the oil rig had not exploded, BP PLC ultimately would have drilled another well to complete that analysis.

Curry says the uncertainty over how much oil is in the reservoir does not change BP’s response.