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Sex And Wikileaks: That Other Scandal

Crossposted from Fire on the Mountain.

Even though the official Obama administration review of Afghanistan shows just how shaky the occupation there is, Wikileaks continues to be the big news story two weeks on (thanks in no small part to the US decision to try and take down Julian Assange via a sex scandal–the media loves them some sex scandals, especially ones involving slender, pale blonds).

There’s one document in the first thousand released that I want to highlight here, in part in observance this weekend and Friday of the monthly War Moratorium. The story takes place at the corner of Afghanistan and Wikileaks. Though it also features non-consensual sex, it has received little play in the US media. (No blonds, perhaps?) And behind the sex lies an even more shocking story.

The cable (as they are called) from Kabul to Washington reports a desperate plea by Afghan Minister of the Interior Hanif Atmar to US embassy officials. He needs help covering up a story he fears will break soon.

Sex Scandal Rep Discusses Abstinence with His Paramour

Yes, this is Congressman Mark Souder discussing abstinence.  The women who is interviewing him is the one who he was having an affair with.  Can’t be blamed.  Abstinence and hypocrisy makes me horny too: