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Ban BP from the Gulf

Thanks to 60  Minutes for opening the public’s eyes to the Safety violations committed by BP.

BP racked up millions in fines before disaster

LEE COUNTY: A new report shows BP has the worst track record among US refineries for workplace safety violations. Why did the US government allow it to continue operating before the oil spill?

Before the oil refinery exploded, 11 workers were killed and millions of gallons of oil contaminated the Gulf of Mexico, the US government knew of BP’s history of unsafe working conditions.

According to an analysis by the Center for Public Integrity, “Two refineries owned by oil giant BP account for 97 percent of all flagrant violations found in the refining industry by government safety inspectors over the past three years.”


But the Deep Horizon, is not the only drilling rig, BP is operating in the Gulf Of Mexico.

BP current has at least 5 other rigs in operation, including the Discoverer Enterprise currently siphoning the spill left by the Deep Water Horizon.

Holstein, Mad Dog, Development Driller III, Discoverer Enterprise, and GSF Development Driller II