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What is Your Fav ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch Ever?

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‘Saturday Night Live’ … the mere mention of the show brings a smile to so many faces.  The talented cast members.  The memorable sketches.  The unforgettable characters.  SNL holds a special place in our hearts and lives.  And has done so since its inaugural season in 1975.  

What is SNL’s appeal and what accounts for its enduring success?  The Washington Post‘s TV critic Tom Shales wrote this in 2002 in a book about SNL

Bill Murray (left) and Jane Curtin on ‘Weekend Update’

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The success of ‘Saturday Night Live’ sparked a renaissance in topical, satirical, and political humor; launched the careers of innumerable new talents; hugely expanded the parameters of what was ‘acceptable’ material on the air; and helped bestow upon the comedy elite the hip-mythic status that rock stars had long enjoyed.