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New SEIU Ad rebuts Obama on Blanche Lincoln

From The Plum Line

The SEIU is going up with an ad on black radio in Arkansas that directly contradicts President Obama’s claims about Blanche Lincoln on health care and Wall Street reform.


The script features a number of ordinary Arkansans in succession:

“I’m a strong supporter of President Obama.”

“But I’m voting for Bill Halter for Senate.”

“I love President Obama. But I can’t vote for Blanche Lincoln again.”

“She voted to bail out Wall Street.”

“Senator Lincoln says she supported health reform.”

“But we all know she refused to take on the big insurance companies.”

And so on. The spot directly contradicts Obama’s recent claims that Lincoln is “leading the fight to hold Wall Street accountable” and that she “took on big insurance companies by voting to end discrimination against Arkansans with preexisting conditions.” As Chris Good notes, SEIU is one of Obama’s most powerful backers, and now the union’s support for Halter has them on opposite sides.

It is good to see labor standing up to this.  

Yesterday, Presdient Obama entered into the primary with a radio ad claiming Lincoln was a “populist” friend of the worker!  Lincoln voted to end the estate tax and for all of Bush’s tax cuts for the rich.  She helped kill the EFCA and the public option. Some populist.

The odious radio ad itself:

Help Halter: Bill Halter on Act Blue