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Earth Day Enlightenment


On this Earth Day, I thought a few graphics might be in order, in honor of our planet…or home…the place where we all live.  And to make it a little bit more interesting than just some pixels fighting for your attention, I shall all some words to go with (as we used to say in Milwaukee).

There will be quite a few new graphics and a few old ones, like the one over to the right.  It only seemed fitting that I start off with a planet, since we live on one.

As always, clicking on one of the graphics should open a larger version in a new tab.

We (Women’s Studies) are offering our students here at Bloomfield College (just outside of Newark in northeastern New Jersey) free t-shirts today and the materials to paint their own shirts.  If it weren’t for the fact that I had meetings to attend today, I’d go take pictures and share them.  But I do have an important meeting (the first I will attend with the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, which I am moving to in the fall…or maybe I am moving there today, at least psychologically).

On Tuesday we offered Dirt:  the Movie.  I’ll be adding some words about our war against that which brought us to be and which we still need to sustain us:  the soil under our feet.