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Normalcy in Afghanistan

Normalcy in Afghanistan

The dim-witted but Presidential-looking tool of corrupt political bosses Warren G. Harding was sold to the American public after WWI by promising a “return to normalcy,” and for anyone except idiotic bullshitters about the “War on Terror,” Harding’s humdrum slogan represents a very appealing alternative to the chaos which American invaders inherited and intensified in Afghanistan.

Intelligent readers will probably be amazed to learn that what you might call “normalcy” has already returned to a couple of provinces in Afghanistan, meaning that tribal elders have expelled foreign militants, pacified the Taliban, accepted a pile of money from our grateful coalition, and re-instated the glacial tranquility of their primordial way of being, enlivened only by ancient festivals and a few low-key shoot-outs between Hatfields and McCoys.

This relatively happy state of affairs in Nangarhar Province, for example, was immediately (or sooner) misinterpreted by Western media and the Pentagon in three different ways:

1. It can’t happen.

2. It can happen, but it’s all about money.

3. It quickly failed.

It’s probably impossible for our fundamentally immodest and benighted nation to accept this modest and self-evidently appropriate outcome of our lethal misadventures in Afghanistan, and leave behind a weak central government exercising only sporadic authority over almost entirely autonomous tribes, which is to say, Afghanistan as Afghanistan was always and ever shall be, whenever it isn’t occupied by foreign imbeciles.