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Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Giant Circles Of Stone by EK Hornbeck

I’ll start with my usual non-disclosal- Not only am I not an economist, I have no professional accomplishments I care to share.

Other than I can write and have a certification in adult education, how grown up are you?

Because today we’re going to talk about money and that tends to bring out the worst features of people.

Kickin it Old School: Teach-in

On April 28, 2010, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation is sponsoring a “Fiscal Summit” in Washington DC.  This sham summit will discuss among other things how to destroy Social Security, how to destroy medicare and how to use fiscal policy (government spending and taxing) to further increase income inequality in U.S.  

But in old school fashion letsgetitdone proposed a teach-in – a counter-conference.  The purpose of the teach-in or counter-conference is to add a progressive voice to the debate of fiscal sustainability and to expose people to a new economic paradigm of Modern Monetary Theory and its implications for fiscal policy, Full Employment and fiscal sustainability.  Let me just say mainstream economics and Wall Street hate it.  

The Fiscal Sustainability Teach-in will be held on April 28, 2010 in DC at The George Washington University from 8:30am to 5:00pm.  This is a FREE event and open to the public.  Right on!

For further updates please go here – the event’s homepage.

I know things are tough and many people are short on cash but if you can spare a few, and think this is a worthy effort and since its hard to get grant funding on such short notice – there is a funding request.

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