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Thrangu Monastery Lament


Earth shakes in grief,

Water floods in tears

Air rises, too high

Fire bows down in blue sorrow

Space holds all in grace

Thrangu Monastery!

In famous province

of Tibet, in Kham

In Kahm of great fame

Where minds were made

to fly like gorgeous birds

without boundaries,

in stainless space!

Thrangu Monastery!

I have never seen you

or walked your halls

where the students and teachers

look simple and not

civilized in the Western view,

just wearing funny robes

and calling themselves

monks and lamas

sounds like a farm.

Thrangu Monastery!

How many have sat

and taken in the blessings

of the treasures,

endless phenomena of

offerings with

artistic expression

the least of their beauty!

Thrangu Monastery!

I bow in grief and reverence

To your sorrow, may all

who are wounded be completely healed,

May all who have died be liberated,

May all who are bereft receive

Unlimited compassion.

I wrote this poem

At the request

of my

flowing tears.