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Codepink will send reps to Tea Party Tax Day

It’s amazing to me that, so soon after the Democrats got their turd of a healthcare plan passed, which was compromised by nobody more  than Obama, instead of declaring war on corrupted Democrats, lefty websites are more intent on whining about Tea Parties. Well, that’s my impression, anyway.

Medea Benjamin doesn’t think this way, and while I don’t know that she’s leading any anti-corruption crusade against Democrats, she at least has the integrity and good will to reach out to Tea Partiers, instead of looking, endlessly, for angles to smear them with:

A Peace Offering to the Tea Party for Tax Day

We are not naïve to think that it would be easy for the Tea Party and the peace movement to work together. Our core values are different. We have had our battles in the past. We would certainly part ways in terms of how to redirect Pentagon funds, with progressives wanting more government investment in healthcare, jobs, clean energy and education-which is exactly what the Tea Party opposes.

But building peace means reaching out to the other side and trying to find common ground even with those people whose beliefs contradict so many of our own.