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Wild Wild Left Radio #79 Perma-War, Perma-Disasters, & Perma-Gov

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1984 much anyone? Come to the land through the looking glass yet again; where attacking an innocent Country and destroying it is Victory, where leaving means staying, where Oil spills become the Norm, where both Parties are One and Slavery is the best end-game for our economic system.

We have myriad breaking news stories to cover, friends, listeners and lunatics… but really?  We wish the song remained the same… but no, it IS getting worse.


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BP Needs And Deserves Your Attention


Here’s an idea for the upcoming week.

Why doesn’t every single BP gas station in the US have somebody picketing it with a sign saying, “BP Is Killing the Gulf; Don’t Patronize BP”?  Or some other sign you compose.  All you need is markers and poster board.

Enough really is enough. I know that the BP Station in Pittsfield, MA, right down the road to Lenox from Guido’s needs some attention. Ditto Rhinebeck, NY.

Let’s just do it. Forget organization. Let’s be spontaneous!  Let’s go for it.


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20 Years Later — Have the Exxon Lessons been Learned?

Don’t worry — Oil Spills? — We got it covered!

Covered with what? … maybe should be the next question.

Granted America needs the energy … but what sort of safety measures are in place?

When Murphy’s Law kicks in again — as it always does — will America’s Energy Corporations be ready, to mitigate the fallout?