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Coffee Party Founder Explains Lack of Pre-Defined Platform

From the video, below:

A lot of you have written to us and asked us why we haven’t put forth a very clear platform of issues that the Coffee Party stands for. It’s not that we don’t have opinions. It would have been very easy for Annabel and I and the other early members of the Coffee Party to decide what our opinions were on the issues, and put that on the website and say tat “This is Coffee Party – take it or leave it.” But if we’d done that, we would have missed the opportunity to bring so many new people into the process. and so many diverse voices – we really, really benefited from the wisdom, the expertise, the creativity, we’re experimenting with how we can use new technology to empower the maximum number of Americans to communicate how they feel about the issues. We want you to complete your Coffee Party sphere. This is in the left column of our website, and it’s a very sophisticated tool that’ll helps you create a visual representation of how your see yourself, your future, how you see America’s future, and how you see the issues.