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Pelosi’s Pathetic Doubletalk On Iraq

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer this morning, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi demonstrated she has no intention of doing anything to end the war in Iraq:

BLITZER: Let's talk about the war in Iraq. When you became speaker, you said, “Bringing the war to an end is my highest priority as speaker.”


. . . BLITZER: The war, if anything, is not only continuing, but it's expanding. There's more troops now in Iraq than there were when you became the speaker. What are you going to do about that?

PELOSI: Well, we did, when we took office, we took the majority here. We changed the debate on the war. We put a bill on the president's desk that said that we wanted the redeployment of troops out of Iraq to begin in a timely fashion and to end within a year. The president vetoed that bill.

He got quite a response to that veto, and the Republicans in the Senate then decided he was never going to get a bill on his desk again. So we have a barrier and it's important for the American people to know that while I can bring a bill to the floor in the House, it cannot be brought up in the Senate unless there's a 60 vote, now 60 votes.

He got quite a response? What the heck is Pelosi talking about? He got, FROM HER, a bill with no timetables! Who does Speaker Pelosi think she is fooling? Blitzer is not fooled:

Capitulation Congress

I can’t fucking believe it.

Our Craven Cowards, our Beltway Bozos have just passed the Kyl-Lieberman “Let’s start a war we will fucking lose” amendment and a House censure for MoveOn.org over the BetrayUs ad.

Let me tell you who’s betraying us- Congressional Democrats!

Quislings.  Cowards.  Bone headed assholes the lot of them.  Bush Buttkissers.  Enablers of Torture.  Simpering Sycophants.

Fuck them all.

Kyl-Lieberman via Think Progress.

Markos’ list.

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