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Game Theory Follies

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As happy as I am to see game theory applied to politics (I’v called for this myself, many times) and, in particular, it being used against stupid and unproductive lesser-evilist voting, I can’t say that I’m happy about the lack of organization matching such diaries and comments.

Law is for Losers. (MASSIVELY UPDATED!)

Those who obey “laws” are losers.  Those who game the laws are winners.

Law is for losers; Game Theory for winners.

Seems a parsimonious explanation, e.g., Wall Street, War Crimes, eh?


I specifically invite IOZ and Greenwald, but please be inclined to a FREE-FOR-ALL.

Please also include human nature, as opposed to “rationality,” as a causal factor.

An intro to “selection pressures versus markets” would also be desired.

Thenk Q.

(Suppositions due by my birthday.)

MASSIVE UPDATE: IOZ’s opening statement:

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration will largely retain Bush era airline safety policies, the White House announced. Officials explained that these old policies were necessary to protect the future from the threats of the past.

“Everything that is currently happening will immediately reach a state of having happened,” said Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. “Therefore, it is in our vital interest.”

In a statement released later in the day, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that “in an increasingly legal world, we need to take every lawful illegal step possible to ensure that action is taken.”

The civil liberties community gesticulated and made several sounds indicating frustration.

However, administration officials remained committed. “Obviously it is impossible to wage cyberwar against the United States from outside of the United States,” said a spokesman. “But if you can get a laptop physically inside of American borders, all bets are off.”

The Internet could not be reached for comment by press time.

Aced.  15-love (l’oeuf).

(And I wasn’t expecting anyone to even rsvp.)

I’m doing this for your own good.

Memo to Netroots: Now do you understand?

Democrats are caving on Mukasey, and they will next cave on telecom amnesty.  This comes on the heels of several other colossal capitulations.  I hope you get it now: Democrats are no longer on your side.  They no longer cooperate.