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Ruh-oh! Tough Time for Iraqi Incumbents as Allawi Wins Election

Saturday, 3/27/2010 Allawi’s Side Wins Iraq Elections

Ruh roh!  Tough time for incumbents….. everywhere.  Current PM Nouri al Maliki comes in 2nd in Iraq, and

….  he’s not happy.


Iraq election results, out of 325 seats, 163 needed to form a government:


Ayad Allawi’s Iraquiya coalition – 91 seats

Nouri al Maliki’s State of Law Alliance – 89 seats

(Shia) Iraqi National Alliance – 70 seats

Kurdistania (K. Democratic Party, Patriotic Union of K.) – 43 seats


(ARC note: clever readers notice this doesn’t add up. Some small minority factions are awarded reserved seats.)