Lesser of Two Evils: No Longer Applicable

I’ve been saying this so much for so long, I decided to just create a picture this time. There is not lesser of two evils. It’s all a carefully orchestrated charade. Or, as depicted, a puppet show.

There will be no electoral solution. There is no “better Democrat” strategy. There will be no revolution, televised or not. The game is rigged. Checkmate.

The only way to win is to play a different game.

Here’s a clue though: almost all leftwing societies, socialists or whatever you want to call them, did not arise from building over time a strong leftwing political party. In every case they arose as a reaction to rightwing governments.

Where leftist organization plays in is being ready to seize the moment when rightwing policies bring disaster upon the people. But as we have seen with the election of Obama, they may have got us beat in that regard too. But most likely, it’s just because the disaster wasn’t disastrous enough this time.

But by far, the biggest aid to a return to “progressivism” or “social democracy”, or whatever you want to call it, was the disastrousness of George W. Bush’s presidency. And the biggest impediment is fake lefties like the Democrats. That’s the little song and dance they do. All that useful anger from the Bush years was dissipated with the “change” to Barack Obama. But the change was an illusion. This is how the puppet show works.

So you want to move the whole country left in a big way sooner? Elect Sarah Palin. Or stick with the Democrats. The puppet show won’t work forever. It’s already failing in Europe as socialists sweep elections and the people call for neoliberal heads.

In sum, the real fight is here. Not the government. Prepare the people so when the crash comes, they won’t choose a militant fascist instead of a peaceful socialist.