Tag: Overreactions

The Nut-Bags On The Left… ish

Holy fucking Moley, Batman! They’ve all gone batshit crazy over there!!!

Yeah, I’m talking GOS, and at least one person I used to think might be halfway sane when encountered here, but have now had to re-think that assumption. Gonna have to re-tune my empathy-o-meter some.

The Kabuki is all the way to high dudgeon today, they’re playing at “who’s more baggy than the Teabaggers” with a huge overtone of “head for the hills!” and “Mama, fetch the gun!” and all sorts slapstick looniness and FEAR, FEAR, FEAR!!!!!

No wonder I gave up on ’em way back last year. Guess I’m gonna have to give up on ’em again. Sigh. Think I’ll go plant more peas…