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Michael Mann, Target of Climategate, takes on his Critics

I personally believe western civilization, in general, suffers from a serious lack of “Science Literacy”. Even though it is Science that has allowed us to achieve so much as a Species, and as a Society — it is this same Science that far too many treat as “magic”, as “geeky”, as “Debatable”.

Funny that those who most question Science’s usefulness, seem to appoint themselves as “Experts”, capable of dismissing its “Findings”.

(Based on what Expertise? … one should always ask back.)

Well IF Science is indeed, Debatable — shouldn’t it be ACTUAL Scientists Doing the Debating???

(and not the well paid shills from industry and politics, who’s goals are typically to create “more heat than light”?)

Well there is a very interesting Interview conducted by Discover Magazine that attempts to do just that — Let the Pro and Con Climatologists critique each other … Let the Scientists Speak for themselves!

I have pulled some of the interesting sections of that “debate” for your elucidation …

(though I recommend reading the entire article if you are so inclined.)