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Timmy G’s two billowing puffies.

The New Yorker and The Atlantic are running twin puff pieces on how – they hate to admit it but – Timmy G saved the economy.

The New Yawker sezzie poohs:

Economists are still debating what it was that ended the financial crisis and turned the economy around. It is inarguable, though, that Geithner’s stabilization plan has proved more effective than many observers expected, this one included.

Whereas the Atlantians suggest that our fabled civilization was not destroyed by the gods for excess greed and corruption, ’cause Timmeh held back the thunderbolts with hizown chest:

Yet when the history books are written, Geithner will be recognized as Barack Obama’s key lieutenant in the struggle to right the economy and fix the finance system. Economically, Geithner’s plan has worked better and more cheaply than anyone could have imagined a year ago.

The twin, virtually interchangeable pieces appearing at the same time and having extremely similar, if not identical overall angles is prolly just a coincidence, as opposed to a controlled marketing campaign, don’tcha think?

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know they can relax.  Everything’s hunky dory now and Tim G is an elfin sizzle chest whose athleticism “inspires an adolescent awe in male colleagues.”