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Yoo lords his rectum over DOJ, rectum demands hug.

In the WSJ, John Yoo, Dick Cheney’s legal architect for torture and war crimes, attempts to galvanize the collusion of Obama’s and Holder’s DOJ in war crimes, principally by daring them to do jack squat about his blatant guilt.  This Week in Tyranny shows us the game plan inherent in the war criminals’ efforts:

Dick Cheney is shameless and is eager to be publicly guilty. He has made his life an open, defiant challenge to the US government. Does anyone have the courage to take him down, and unleash the inevitable whirlwind? Or does the entire DC establishment prefer to live in quiet, peaceful acquiescence? Those are the only options at this point. Cheney wants to cast as wide a net of complicity as possible; he wants not just his White House implicated but future ones. Not just the White House, but the executive branch. Not just the executive branch but the legislative and judicial branches as well. He wants as much company as possible so he does not go down as a singular villain. It is working, and will continue as long as our leaders prefer to put their immediate comfort over their obligations.