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I DEMAND media coverage of America’s wars NOW!

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    This will be, in the proper blogotoobz vernacular, a short diary.

    Simply put, I DEMAND media coverage of America’s wars NOW!

    If these wars are NOT worth media coverage, they are not worth fighting. If the threat America faces from it’s enemies is so great that it is absolutely necessary that we go to war, than it is absolutely necessary that the “free” press gives it ample coverage.

    Since the Presidential Primaries back in the Spring of 2008 coverage of America’s wars have almost entirely disappeared from the traditional media. With the exception of a few intrepid journalists the traditional media has given us NOTHING as far as details of what is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan except for the times when Dick Cheney emerges from his crypt, when President Obama sent more troops to Afghanistan, when an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at George Bush’s idiot of a son and when Rudy “9/11,9/11,9/11” shows up to collect his royalty fee.

   In short, I want DETAILS, and if you’re not in the mood you better GET IN THE MOOD, Mister.

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