In an unusually honest appraisal (compared to their usual left-wing rubbish), the Guardian has announced NATO’s complete military and humanitarian TRIUMPH IN AFGHANISTAN!

Just read the caption under their awesome photograph at the top of the story, which they ran immediately under the equally awesome headline “Coalition troops force Taliban retreat from key stronghold.”


“US Marines from Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, protect an Afghan man and his child after Taliban fighters opened fire in the town of Marjah, in Nad Ali district, Helmand province.”

The Afghan man huddles behind US Marines, who protect him and his child against homicidal Taliban maniacs!

And it only gets better!

Hours before the offensive, the commander of British forces in Helmand, Brigadier James Cowan, had briefed UK troops to avoid shooting even if it meant putting their lives in danger. He said: “Hold your fire if there is a risk to the innocent, even if this puts you in greater danger. Restraint requires courage.”


By nightfall not a single civilian casualty had been reported!

Zero civilian casualties! Taliban on the run!

Reporters embedded with the troops yesterday reported US Cobra helicopters and Harrier jets firing missiles at tunnels, bunkers and other defensive ­positions before the ground offensive began.

NATO only fired missiles at “tunnels and bunkers and other defensive ¬≠positions!”

No houses or civilians were harmed in the making of this imbecilic cartoon which is supposed to represent the murderous and illegal occupation of Afghanistan and the slaughter of tens of thousands of primitive tribesmen who never attacked England or the United States before we invaded their God-forsaken country.