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US Soldier arrested for waterboarding 4-year-old daughter

What can one say?  I can imagine a punishment for this guy.  But on a deeper level, this may be chickens coming home to roost from American use of torture and the failure to punish war criminals such as George Bush, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, and others.  When torture is allowed against anyone, a taboo is broken and the crazy may use it on others, including a 4 year old child:

A crazed G.I. was arrested for waterboarding his 4-year-old daughter because she wouldn’t say her ABCs.

Cops said Army Sgt. Joshua Tabor, 27, who served 15 months in Iraq, admitted to punishing his daughter by holding her down on the kitchen counter in suburban Washington State and repeatedly pushing her head backward into a full sink.

He explained she’s deathly afraid of water,” said Todd Stancil, police chief in Yelm, Wash.

He would lay her down on her back and push her head into the water right up to her eyeline. He was open about it. He did it all the time. To him, that was an acceptable form of punishment – because she wasn’t able to say the alphabet.”

Stancil said neighbors told cops that he also ran water over the flailing girl’s face, taking her to the edge of drowning, but Tabor denied that.

It was hot! The water was hot!” the girl said, according to the police report.


Disgusting!  How can any person do that to a child?

There’s more here in the New York Daily News about this: