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Jenny Sanford’s Field Guide to Biking the Appalachian Trail

Jenny Sanford, the soon to be ex- wife (divorce filed and pending) and campaign manager of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, has written a book, called   “Staying True.”  

Governor Sanford, who completely disappeared for five days last summer, for a side trip to Argentina to get it on with his mistress, leaving aides with the alibi of “he’s hiking the Appalachian trail”  says that he has not read the book yet.

“I know anything Jenny does, she does well, so I look forward to reading it along with everybody else,” he said, according to The Sun News.

Per Tim Rutten’s review in the LA Times, “Staying True”

is a memoir of a marriage that only can be described as the Contract With America meets Southern gothic.


In fact, by the time we get to the affair late in the book, it’s a bit of a relief, since this is about the first normative impulse either of the Sanfords seems to have had during their marriage.


As Sanford informs us elsewhere in the book, “Women were made for sacrifice.”

And boy does she sacrifice . . . over and over and over. What’s never clear from her extended exercise in score-settling is why? The man she describes is driven, self-absorbed, pathologically cheap and 360-degrees weird. She runs his political campaigns, puts up with his habitual absences and bears him four sons.