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Elect a neoliberal lesbian in 2012!

To me, Obama’s SOTU was a giant horse syringe of lidocaine injected into the frontal cortex of America, an attempt to numb failed expectations of hope and change.  Theoretically, such a lesion is reversible, when the lidocaine eventually wears off, although some gliosis may be evident due to the excessive volume of the injection.  Whether the full extent of the damage is reversible or not, the lesion has predictably resulted in the spontaneous recovery, renewal or reinstatement of previous conditioned responding on “leftward” leaning blogs.  The lesion was made bi-lateral during Obama’s “schooling” of GOoPers.  The previously extinguished conditioned response, “hope,” was called forth immediately and was wholly redintegrated from memory on the basis of the most impoverished, partial, and secondary conditioned stimuli, resulting in the following response topography: “That’s the President I elected!”