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Liveblog interview with Congressman Joe Sestak (with Updates!)

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    I am thrilled to announce that Congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA08) is live in a liveblog interview with me at TheProgressiveElectorate.com I have posted the body of my part of the interview below the fold and will be adding updates with Congressman Sestak’s commentary. If you wish, we are thrilled to have you join us and ask any questions you like of the Congressman as he fights to be the true Democratic voice for Pennsylvania in the US Senate.

Please join us at TheProgressiveElectorate.com where we would love to hear your input.

    Thank you for joining us this evening. The ProgressiveElectorate is honored tonight to be hosting this exclusive liveblog interview with sitting Democratic Congressman and former 3 star Navy Admiral Joe Sestak who represents Pennsylvania’s 8th district and is currently challenging current Republican Democratish Senator Arlen Specter in the Democratic primary for the upcoming Senate election in Pennsylvania.

   Before we start, I’d like to introduce Congressman Joe Sestak to our readers.

   Joe Sestak was elected to Congress in 2006 to represent the 7th Congressional District where he was born and raised. During a distinguished 31-year career in the United States Navy, Joe attained the rank of 3-star Admiral and served in the White House, Pentagon, and in operational commands at sea. He is the highest-ranking former military officer ever elected to either branch of Congress. He attended the Naval Academy and later earned a Ph.d. in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University. After retiring from the Navy, Joe returned home to Delaware County, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Susan, and daughter, Alex, and proudly represents the 7th District.


    Before asking Representative Sestak a few questions of my own, I would like to thank him again for joining us here tonight, and, of course, I strongly encourage anyone who is reading this to join in with Congressman Sestak and I with any questions they’d like to ask. The more the merrier, I always say.

   Now, on to the show.