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You’ll Never See Prices SOFA-King Low!

Call Now, Operators Standing By!

“…they lay there silently, side by side in the shadows of the dimmed turbine building, like two giant eggs out of a Mothra movie just waiting for two teeny little Japanese fairies to sing them to life.”

– Tales from the Heart of the Beast

Ah, you’ve gotta love it when things are so bad that even the most cash-flow intensive industry ever conceived by the twisted minds of men starts holding fire sales on gigantic, expensive components. Sort of makes a statement about where the rest of us must be right now, and isn’t a very good sign that things might be getting better any time soon.

I got an email request last week from Sue Sturgis, the Institute for Southern Studies reporter who wrote last April’s story about the 30th anniversary of the accident at Three Mile Island. She was asking for information about TMI-2’s generator and how reliable it might be after 30 years in “mothballs” in the middle of the Susquehanna River…