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Harry Truman: Phony Democrats

In only one short year, Democrats have managed to redirect away from the Republicans and at the Democrats the rage voters felt at Bush, Cheney and Republicans for destroying our economy and our country .

In only one short year, Democrats drove up deficits to bailout Wall Street and fund two wars nobody wants but Republicans.   They couldn’t manage to reinstate usury laws or Glass-Steagall, but they sure as hell could pass bankruptcy reform just in time for the meltdown.  Only tone deaf, elitist Democrats living in Washington’s bubble could possibly blow blue MA and lose Ted Kennedy’s seat.  

Democrats ran on change and proceeded to deliver Bush and Clinton’s third terms.  And if they think people are angry at them now, just wait until they use deficit reduction to cut Social Security and Medicare instead of raising taxes on the rich and corporations.  

By surrounding Obama with Clinton and Goldman Sachs’ reruns, the idiots in charge of this Party managed to make a liar out of Obama the reform candidate, a hypocrite out of President Obama and destroy the party and country’s desperately needed opportunity for real, fundamental reform.  Instead of a New Deal, a Fair Deal, they gave all of their supporters a raw deal.

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.