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Bloggers Behaving Badly: Jason Rosenbaum pulls a Hillary Clinton.

FireDogLake’s resident Obamabot-with-power, Jason Rosenbaum, reacted to a user diary the author of which stated that she will no longer vote for Democrats unless they earn her vote by posting a dishonest, condescending, bullying entry in which he exhorted disaffected progressives not to “be Naderites.”  Surprisingly, the diatribe earned well over 750 comments, most of which come from people smart enough to know what they were reading and who are having none of it.

This further illustrates what I wrote about in my previous entry exposing the utter hypocrisy of self-appointed, phony progressive “leaders” in the blogosphere.  It is important for us on the left to identify our enemies, not only on the right, but on what passes for the left as well.  Bloggers like Rosenbaum are a large part of the reason progressive voters either stay home or vote third party.  They are overgrown children who treat adults like children, engage in extremely hostile behavior toward those whose support they claim is so vital, then turn around and whine, just as Hillary Clinton did in 2008, about how we’re too “stupid” to realize how much we need them.

Progressives really deserve better leaders in the blogosphere.  The question is, who’s going to step up to the plate?