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Reality Check: You Are Not a ‘Person’

Not to them. Not to the Ruling Class. Not to The Powers That Be.

WE all know how special and wonderful you are…..they, however, just don’t care

To them you are merely….a unit.

A demographic unit, a production unit, a consumption unit, a vote unit, a contribution unit, and if you are the right age etc, a military unit.

Sorry to be the one to tell you, but ……… They just don’t care about you. They don’t like you and they don’t hate you. It is not personal. It’s about production and consumption ONLY. You, to them, do not exist, except as an entry on a spreadsheet.

They don’t care how you feel, what you want or what your dreams and aspirations are….except so far as it helps them sell stuff to you. And they don’t care about how you feel about them not caring about you.

They do care about what scares you though, so they can use your fears to manipulate you.

But it is decidedly not personal.

As long as you continue to produce for them, everything is fine. You have nothing to fear. You can be comfortable, and they can be comfortable. The deal, the bargain, works. They get the fruits of your labor, and you get the illusion of security.

Until you don’t.

Then they REALLY don’t care.

Until through some “glitch’ in the System, you lose your job or can’t make your mortgage or credit card payments or don’t pay your taxes….or until you stand up to ‘them.’

Then you change into a ‘problem unit,’ something that must be ‘dealt with.’