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Popular Culture 20100428: One of the Good Guys, George Takei

You have to love George Takei.  Not only is he an excellent actor, he has what one might call “personality”.  He also has an Arkansas link to me, and this sort of exposes the foul underbelly of racial prejudice.

He was born in 1937 of American and Japanese ancestry, putting him well into the Social Security crowd now.  I really like the new adverts that he does for the TeeVee manufacturer.  He is looking more youthful now than he has for several years.

The Night before Christmas on the NCC 1701 20091225

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the crew,

Nobody was moving except for bridge crew.

Kirk was resting with Rand in his bed,

whist Spock had Chapel deep in his head.

Scott was drinking a long aged Scots whisky in hand,

whilst Riley was getting Irish to stand.

Sulu was manning the helm in this this dread,

but visions of Checkov returned to his head.

The ship was rocked by a horrible jolt,

according to Spock a Gigavolt.

Kirk arose and leapt to the lift,

forgetting that Rand had given her gift.

He got to the bridge with very fast dashing,

Just as the Klingons then were attacking.

The Romulans joined in with the attacking,

then an alien crew was just laughing.

He transported into the ships just like a lark,

and shut down main power so it was dark.

The Phasers were shut down and the cannons were null,

and the alien just laughed with harm not at all.

“We are Organians and study you all, so resistance to us does nothing at all.

“Remember that we were  once just like you,

but these flimsy bodies we finally outgrew.

“We are logic and peace and just nothing more,

so we show you what is wrong with your sad, sad lore.”

Then all sorts of folks came into the space,

and Kirk said “Good Wishes” to every race.

“A good evening to all of you folks”,

and Kirk went away in transporter smoke.

Kirk went back to bed with his yeoman of fun,

the Organians went back with a bit more of stun.

I hope that this is amusing for everyone.

Happy Christmas and Channakh, and other celebration to everyone now.  I know that the spelling is sort of rough, but this is my new take.  What do you think?

Warmest regards,


Copyright Paramount Pictures for the the characters and Dr. David W. Smith for the concept and dialogue 20091225.

Warmest regards,


Warmest regards,


The Night before Christmas on the NCC 1701 20091225