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Pique the Geek: a Day Late and a Topic Short 20091228

Hello, all!  Sorry not to post at the regular time last night, but I was enjoying my final hours with the family this trip and did not intend to disturb them by blogging.  Please forgive me, but they are extremely important to me.  I am sure that you will understand.

Part of our activities last evening was to watch the new Star Trek motion picture.  It recently came out on DVD, and the former Mrs. Translator and the two boys remaining at home rented it for us to watch.  It was nice to be able to pause it and hit the good Christmas leftovers from time to time as well.

Pique the Geek. Safe Driving for the Holidays 20091224

This is too late for the trips coming to Grandma’s House, but hopefully will be useful for the return trip.  I spent over 300 miles mulling this around my feeble excuse for a mind today, well, officially yesterday, now.

Driving in the rain poses unique difficulties and dangers. I have posted a general essay about winter driving here, but driving in the rain transcends seasons, as it may rain in any month.  My shoulders are sore and my hands cramping from the drive today.