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Are We Really the Reality Based Community? We Don’t Act Like It.

This is not directed at the reality based Docudharma community.

And by “we” I don’t mean me or I, because I make a good effort to at least try. I’m talking about blogs like Daily Kos. I had always assumed, because of the many insightful writers on the site and on the front page that was the case. However, we are starting to see some of what we see with corporate control of all airwaves in how site moderation is run.

For instance, whether on Fox News, CNN or MSNBC there is always a fake debate when it comes to climate change which is undeniably happening since we have hit 400 ppm of CO2 in our atmosphere for the first time in 3 million years. When this spectacle that pretends to be a live debate on TV happens, there are always two guys picked by the network to come on TV to debate the issue; one a NASA scientist like say James Hansen and one fringe dwelling Koch funded climate changed denier to debate as if there is something to debate as if both sides have an equal argument to make. WRONG. The science is in.

I always thought we in the progressive blogosphere prided ourselves on not accepting that dynamic, but now I am starting to wonder. On the issues I go to great lengths to cover when it comes to the economy, there are certain undeniable facts that have to be acknowledged whether you are a Post Keynesian MMT proponent like me or not. I mean, if we are any different than debates on red state or the corporate owned media, that is. I have to wonder about that now, because it now appears from what went on in my last diary in the comment section that a moderator here stepped in and made an effort to portray the troll like behavior and continual denial of established facts in every diary of mine as “just an honest disagreement.”

It was inferred that I was “out of line” for accurately describing a commentator while using a term that accurately describes his brand of troll like behavior. That’s not out of line. When people act like trolls in every diary of mine I can only ignore it for so long before calling it out directly. We can’t just ignore this kind of behavior forever in this community. I mean, not if we still consider ourselves part the reality based community. Do we?

An old word used in a new way to clarify debate.

I have a new word that I’d like people on Docudharma to consider.  Ok, it’s not really a new word.  Still, it’s a word I’d like people to think about using.

The word is “accommodationist”.

You see, I was thinking about creating a new diary to raise a new point, and I was thinking about making certain, well, there is no other way to put it than accusations.

And I have been thinking also about the discourse we use, putting our complaints as it were in one basket.

For example, we use the terms that have been given to us to describe certain things.  One of those words is “centrist”.  “Centrist” is indeed a dirty word based on all that purported centrism has accomplished for this country in the last 30 years.

Centrism has brought us a military industrial complex out of control, a massive uncontrollable debt, untold misery and lies for the people who can afford it least, people kicked out of their homes, their jobs shipped overseas, “free” trade enacted that is anything but, environmental damage in the name of jobs, our manufacturing base destroyed, the illusory “service” economy, bubbles, false euphoria, greed, misery, the “ownership society”, and outright economic, political and moral failure.