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Pres. Obama: I didn’t Run For Office to Help Fat-Cat Bankers

[I posted this diary On Daily Kos this morning.  It’s on the Rec List and well received by some on all “sides” of this divide, although a few people also personally attacked me and rejected any attempt at reaproachment and peace.  There are some who personally hate me and seek no coalition on Daily Kos.  Rather, they seek total victory in which many people leave, especially the “evil” TomP.  I think that is harmful to all of us, just as a total victory on Daily Kos would be harmful.  The left and center need each other now.

It is not fun to lose friends, to be called a racist or to be hated.  Nonetheless, I have to what I think is right and speak the truths I see.  Others may see different truths and I should strive to respect that they do see things differently.  As a human being, no doubt I will fall short in that, but I’ll try anyway.  

I thought I should I post this diary here, where many people are more critical of President Obama.  The two updates are very important, for they are comments from strong supporters of President Obama who do seek peace and coalition.  Peace happens with people who have been “enemies” find common ground and cease hostilities.  I have to let go of past anger just as they do.  Anyway, for your comments.]  


On 60 Minutes last night, the President addressed many issues, including the economy.  One thing I found to be very important and encouraging was his strong statement regarding banks:

Obama: I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of, you know, fat cat bankers on Wall Street.

60 Minutes

There has been a lot of support and criticism of Barack Obama here, often much of it personal and not issue-based on all sides.

I believe the President when he says this.  I believe he really wants some change.  My hope is that he will take stronger measures to obtain change in our economy.

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