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Read some Stirling Newberry; Call me in the morning

Obama’s Nobel speech was horrendous to progessives, unless you embrace what Stirling Newberry called “the facts,” (my emphasis)  some time ago.  It’s not easy reading.  Try to digest it.  I’m still trying.


There is nothing facile about our work ahead.  

And forget about Obamabots.  They don’t matter.  Only Your Understanding and Your Conscience still count.  Understanding first, conscience second.  That’s logical, no?

It’s probably too late to even try, due to the excesses of Wall Street (see Ilargi and Stoneleigh, whom you’ll find at theautomaticearth.com).

As so-called progessives, can we please vet Monsieur Stirling?  He sounds like the staightest arrow in the quiver.  Well?  Any takers?

Thomas Freidman was exultant about an unmanned drone getting in Europe’s face to accept the peace prize on Obama’s behalf.

You tell me, what’s that about.

hugs and kisses, meant truly, mon ami.