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Ho hum, this is getting boring!

How many times over the last 9 years have we had these moments?

They’re exactly the same, every time, whether they’re about the destruction of Habeus Corpus, funding the wars, whatever.   Seriously, you could just plug in a different issue each time, the response is always the same.   “Congress sold us out!   Harry Reid needs to lose his seat!   I can’t believe Pelosi did that!   Obama lied!”  

Every time the Dems sell us out and we scream and yell and say “they lost me”.

And what do we do about it?

Anybody start any new parties yet?

No?  Why not?

The two parties we have don’t represent us.   They’re two reflections of the same ruling “real” party.

If we want some actual representation, we have to provide it ourselves.

New parties.  New people.  New everything.  

Americans think they can just delegate everything.  They think they can “consume” politics the same way they “consume” other corporate products.

“Well, I buy Budweiser.  Therefore I am served by Budweiser.   I vote with my pocketbook for Budweiser, and that’s what I get, because that’s what I like.”

Doesn’t work that way in politics.   You have to get out there and create shit.   You can’t order your political house out of the Sears catalog any more.   You have to start from scratch, find the plot of land, cut down the trees, chop up the boards, forge our own nails, whatever.