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Full Court Press — what the OpenLeft brouhaha was about

This is the piece that briefly got posted on OpenLeft Saturday night, was yanked under orders from Chris Bowers on Sunday, and was the target of a bizarre counter-attack by Bowers on Sunday night.  I outline this in my comment https://www.docudharma.com/show… on BuhdyDharma’s Blogging and the Left thread.

It is merely a simple tactic, and a work in progres.

The Case

The health care reform debacle is beginning to stink to high heaven, whether or not some rotted carcass labeled “reform” ever gets passed.

Obama now proudly walks in the footsteps of Lyndon Johnson and George Bush as he ships 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

Hopes of seriously regulating Wall Street have been dashed to bits by the Goldman Sachs economic team Obama has put in charge of the henhouse, while Wall Street pockets the bailout money that we gave them and plans its next round of Ponzi schemes.

Working families only face more unemployment, and foreclosures, while employers exploit the hard times to crack down on the still employed, and the social safety net provided by state and local governments is ripped asunder.

At this moment, Obama’s Fed nominee is touting creating jobs by gutting Social Security.

And hope is dying.