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“Drying for Freedom” (clothes, that is)

The website asks:

Due to be released in 2010, Drying For Freedom is a film about communities and freedom; with 50 million clotheslines banned in the U.S alone, are we hanging our planet out to dry?

They also state:

Dryers use 10 to 15% of domestic energy in the United States!

Wow — now that’s saying something!

These guys are hilarious, here’s another quote:

We are in hot water… if we don’t use cold!

It is way past time to push people to wash with cold water. Washing with cold water saves almost as much energy as using a clothesline. Join the Cold War!

Their principles are sterling — an answer to questions asked here, I think (what do we do?):


It is not enough to define a problem and offer no solutions.

Our consumption patterns create the demand for electricity.

The generation of nuclear power is an inefficient energy source producing an abundance of hazardous waste of which we cannot safely dispose.

Raising awareness of existing alternatives to nuclear power and large hydroelectric projects will help people and corporations to make appropriate technological choices.

Nobody should have to live, work, or play near a nuclear facility.

No culture or community should be destroyed by a hydroelectric facility or any other monolithic corporate project.

The sun is the most powerful nuclear reactor and can serve many purposes-none of which should be ignored.

All citizens nation-wide should have the legal right to hang out their laundry.

North Americans, as all people, must lead by example.

Frugality, or thrift, needs to be a universally practiced virtue.

I especially like the last one. I think this use to be a revered principle — true?

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