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Grow a Blogger (and a liberal)

I would like to ask you to consider doing me a favor.  My 15 y/o grandson has a blog.  It is his 11th grade English assignment.  He gets graded on his essays, multi-media content, and comments.  The classmates are suppose to interact with each other, but they don’t.    I post there as Miss Marple just so there is someone commenting there besides his teacher. (I made him promise that he would never let the teacher know Miss Marple is his grandmother.)  Anyway, we all know how much fun blogging can be and how disappointing it is when one’s hard work goes unnoticed.    So to help him discover the joy of blogging, I was wonderding if you would mind dropping by his blog from time to time to leave him a link or to exchange a thought.

Since it is a school project and I didn’t want to get him or the teacher in any hot water,  I originally emailed this request to some of you instead of posting a diary with a link.   Well anyway, I just got a phone call from a very excited young man who was delighted that Edger and Cassiodorus dropped by.    He encouraged me to post a diary and to invite you all by.  

Note to Grandson:  Jack’s Smirking Revenge left you this.

Note to Me:  I can’t believe I’m outing myself to my grandson.  There ain’t no mountain high enough when you’re a grandmom.

So when and if you have the time or the inclination, the link is here.    If not, it will be perfectly fine and not hurt my feelings at all.  Honest.